About Us



Tejara is your online Muslim marketplace. Whether you need to sell an item, or require an Arabic tutor, or even looking for a female-friendly accommodation, we’ve got it all covered. Thousands of buyers and sellers up and down the country are joining, to showcase the best of their talent and make an income, or just to clear out their house to make some space.

The idea behind Tejara rose from the lack of a unified platform, where all Muslim business needs could be met, whether if someone wants to list their skills as a builder, hijamah therapist, painter, hairdresser or anything that’s needed within the community, or whether a person wants to sell an old pram, or a box of Lego.

One of the key features of our platform is the ‘Made with Love’ section. This section allows independent sellers to sell their handcrafted, unique items, whether its an Eid card or ajwa dates dipped in chocolate *yes we’ve seen some genius selling those! *

Best of all, its free to list your stuff, and we’ll do our best to keep bringing people together, to make sure we’re all finding that item we’ve all wanted for a better price!